Which Transplanter Is Right For You?
By answering the questions below, you will help us determine which Mechanical Transplanter will do the best job for your application. After answering these questions please submit the questionnaire.

Please answer all questions. Put a N/A if a question does not apply to your conditions.

Name:* E-mail:* Telephone: What crop will you be transplanting? Will you be transplanting bare root plants, cells, or peat pots? What is the size of the plants (height, thickness of the stalk)? Will you be using plastic or Styrofoam trays? If cell type, give the cell dimensions (LxWxH): Also, are the cells tapered? If you are planting on beds; a.) What is the distance between beds? b.) How wide are the tops of the beds? c.) The bottom of the beds? d.) What is the height of each bed? e.) What is your tractor wheel spacing? f.) How many rows are on each bed? Are you planting through plastic mulch? What is the spacing between rows you wish to achieve? What is the desired spacing between plants in a row? Do you want to apply fertilizer when you transplant? Do you want to water at the time you plant? How many hectares do you transplant each season? How many days do you have to transplant this area? What horsepower tractor will be available to operate the transplanter? What is the desired plant population per hectare?


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