About Us
Opico® is an export management firm that focuses exclusively on agricultural and turf management equipment and implements. Our extensive knowledge of both the farm equipment industry and local farming methods has enabled us to help farmers around the globe increase their crop yields and profits for over sixty years. We provide our agricultural equipment partners with a proven record of stability, experience and expertise.

Opico® is proud to have played a leading role in connecting U.S. farm equipment makers with buyers world wide for more than six decades.
We Provide Personalized Services To:

Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers:
Opico® partners with manufacturers to help them reach global markets while also minimizing their risk and overall expense. Opico® provides individualized marketing and client service, so manufacturers gain increased visibility to overseas customers. We're always on top of local market conditions, enabling us to identify the best opportunities for introducing your product. Opico® handles all credit and risk management issues which are traditionally a challenge in international trade.
Agricultural Equipment Importers:
We also partner with importers overseas to help them identify the American-made farm machinery that best fits local agricultural conditions. We provide training, service, and support for the equipment we sell and we represent many quality U.S. brands and manufacturers.